A Better Beard Today: 5 top tips to instantly transform your beard

Want to know how you can rapidly improve the quality of your beard?

Read on to learn the 5 top tips to beard hair heaven.

Top Tip #1 – Grab yourself a good quality beard oil. If you take nothing else from this article take this.

Applying a little beard oil will moisturise your beard, making it softer, shinier and more manageable. It can also help reduce patchiness and increase growth. An instant fix for a scraggy or brittle looking beard.

Top Tip #2 – Get yourself some beard balm. It’ll give you the moisturising benefits of oil, whilst adding a gentle hold to add subtle style and shape.

Recommended for those after a soft, natural looking beard. The silky-smooth kind girls love to run their fingers through.

Top Tip #3 – Or whack on some wax instead. It won’t moisturise like oil or balm, but it will give you a firmer hold. Allowing for greater styling potential.

Recommended for those after a more aggressive, masculine style. Think Connor McGregor and Tom Hardy.

Top Tip #4 – Make sure you get yourself a specialised beard wash. Store bought shampoos just won’t cut it and could damage your beard.

A good beard wash is gentle on your beard and free from chemicals that make your face itchy and your beard brittle. It’ll leave it shiny, soft and easier to style.

Top Tip #5 – Get yourself a good beard comb. It’ll even out the distribution of product and give you a smoother more consistent look and feel.

You wouldn’t style your hair without a comb so don’t style your beard without one either.

And there you have it. 5 top tips to transform your beard today.

If you’re unsure what products to use then check out our organic beard care gift box. A father’s day exclusive that offers everything you need to transform your beard: oil, balm or wax, wash and a FREE comb. It’s usually £40 but we’re selling it for £30 until June 15th and we’ll deliver it next day for free. Treat yourself to a better beard the organic way.

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