Calming Rejuvenation: Introducing our Bergamot & Lemon Body Wash – A stress-free Sunday shower

Powerful Organic Bergamot & Lemon Body Wash

Calming Rejuvenation: Introducing our Bergamot & Lemon Body Wash

A stress-free Sunday shower. Every day.

Your favourite shower of the week? Has to be Sunday right?

Hubby has the kids, you get an extra two hours laying cosily in bed, and – best of all – you get to spend as long as you like under the soothing hot shower (after you’ve peeled yourself from under the duvet of course).

It’s the only time in your busy week you can have a relaxing wash.

A little peace and quiet, all by yourself?


We have some bad news …

but we have some good news too …

We’ll get the bad out of the way.

We can’t offer you a product that gives you an extra hour of relaxation each day. We wish we could. We’d be millionaires (billionaires, trillionaires??).

The good news?

We can give you that blissful feeling of relaxation you thought was reserved for Sundays.

Here’s how …

The concept behind all of our products is simple. To give them a touch of aromatherapy and all its benefits. So they do more than just cleanse.

For our Bergamot & Lemon Body Wash, we chose bergamot essential oil because of its reputation in aromatherapy circles as a calming fragrance.

It’s thought to boost the mood, de-stress the mind, raise the spirits and lift self-esteem. All this by simply inhaling its soothing scent. That’s why it’s part of our energising range. It revitalises you when you’re feeling down.

We also added cleansing lemon oil. It wasn’t enough to just make you feel good, it had to make you look good to. It’s even thought to rejuvenate skin and help you look younger.

What’s more? It’s free of SLS, parabens and formaldehydes and it’s all natural, all organic and cruelty free. So, as with all of our products, no chemical nasties harming your body.

Want to treat yourself to a stress-free Sunday shower every day? Then grab yourself a bottle of our Bergamot & Lemon Body Wash

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*only with 250ml bottles

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