Powerful Beard Appeal with Revitalising organic oils

Updated: Jan 9, 2018

Big beard, neat beard, or no beard – facially aware fashionistas will love the Powerful Organic revitalising Men’s range. Keep beards tamed and soft, go wild and wacky with wax! With a unique and subtle fragrance our organic beard wash, oil, wax and balm will keep male faces feeling good and smelling great.

Aromatic therapy

Incorporating a complex blend of six essential oils known for their stimulating, grounding and uplifting qualities, our Revitalising  and Men’s beard products have a subtle, and uniquely lingering woody-chypre aroma that is curiously attractive.  Stephen, our resident actor, DJ, film producer and Chairman of the Board, who has a nose for such things, describes the aromatic formulation as our “signature” scent!

The 6 essential oils in the Revitalising and Men’s range work synergistically to benefit mind and body on both physical and emotional levels.  Each has a unique ability to support skin and affect the senses. I don’t have a beard but the Revitalising 2 in 1 hair and body wash helps me face pretty much anything life throws – it’s my “go to” for getting going.   I was in hospital this summer after cancer related emergency surgery and Stephen brought me in a bottle of our new 2 in1 to try.  I was feeling very low, physically and mentally. On opening the bottle the aroma from the essential oils lifted the atmosphere and my mood, and the effect when using it in the shower was amazing – I felt calmer. My skin and hairless scalp didn’t feel so dry, I relaxed more, breathed deeper, slept better – and the staff all commented on the lovely scent and sense in the room.  Add a Revitalising body butter massage to legs and arms …. and life seems better!

Sense and scent appeal

Spicy black pepper warms and stimulates skin and senses, helping cells to regenerate; exotic Patchouli, with its earthy, sensual aroma, delivers a restorative boost to skin and mood. Valued as a sacred healing plant  in India, the soil-binding roots of Vetiver (or Khus) restore and protect eroding land and the essential oil extracted from the roots is dark and thick, with a smoky, earthy aroma.  Said to enhance sexual desire, Vetiver oil is highly anti-oxidant, with anti-inflmmatory and  anti-fungal properties that help cellular regeneration, relaxation and sleep. It blends well with Cedarwood essential oil, which has a wonderfully soft, pungent woody aroma that helps restore inner strength and boost confidence.   Extracted from the wood of the mighty Cedar, Cedarwood oil encourages the body to breathe freely and deeply – aiding relaxation and boosting positivity when feelings of overwhelm creep up! Bergamot and Orange oils bring protective, anti-oxidant, cleansing and illuminating qualities into the mix. Their citrus top notes resonate with earthy, spicy and woody base notes of patchouli, pepper and vetiver to ground and balance the mind, ease tension in the body and dryness in the skin.

It’s my favourite product range, and as I had a hand in the formula, I’m proud of it!  

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