Revitalising Shampoo Challenge

Updated: Jan 9, 2018

At  Powerful Organic we’re celebrating! With revitalising essential oils to lift our game.

The Revitalising Challenge

A professional hair stylist gave us our first challenge:  to create an organic shampoo she would be happy  to use in her salon. Harder than you might think! We’re committed to  search out the best revitalising ingredients to make useful and beautiful products that lift our spirits, protect our skin, shine our hair, groom our beards. After  two years of trying and testing we came up with the perfect mix for clean and beautiful hair.  All without doing harm to animals, humans or the planet.

Infused with powerful essential oil aromatherapy combinations, we think washing our hair with Powerful organic shampoos is like getting all round therapy every day! Our professional stylist loves our products – and so do her clients.

Revitalising Result

We created the Revitalising range  to help lift and restore dry and dull skin and hair.

Refreshing peppermint and sweet herbal lavender essential oils bring vitality and focus to mind and body.  Peppermint is known to stimulate the mind and aid concention, as well as  reduce itchiness.  Lavender has been used for centuries to calm and focus the mind, and restore skin texture. It is highly anti-oxidant and it may even help prevent skin damage and hair loss. Argan and rice bran oils help to strengthen and moisturise scalp and hair shaft to leave hair clean, soft and manageable. The shampoo is gentle enough to use every day – it won’t strip or dry your hair!  The hair treatment mask is great for when dry or damaged hair needs an extra boost: the jojoba oil and shea butter work wonders on restoring and bringing life back into hair that tends to dryness and brittleness. Leave it on for a good half hour soak, or overnight.

For gardeners, boaters, or anyone who gets their hands dirty, our Revitalising soap with moisturising cacao oil is just the job!  This great smelling organic base soap tackles grime without drying, so you can focus on the work in hand.

Next week:  6 Revitalising oils in our signature scent

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