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Updated: Jan 7, 2018

We can shout out with pride that we’ve shown not just one, but three independent arbiters that our Powerful organic promise is real!

Powered by passion for protecting what matters to us – our bodies, our loved ones, our community and the planet we share – we are truly, honestly and conscientiously building our business powerfully and organically by making natural and certified organic products that are good, do good, and do not harm animals or planet in their making or use .

One of our team is a professional hairdresser. She set us our first challenge: to find a salon quality organic shampoo that felt and smelled good and worked for her customers’different hair types..

It’s been a long journey from concept to reality. But we made it! We have found a formula, and created other great products on the way – all while fighting cancer, elections, making a living, raising children, learning new skills! Its been both fun and frustrating – sourcing ingredients, getting the formulation right , discovering and researching, synergies between oils and botanicals, testing the results and finding the right manufacturing partner was just the start.

Our new range of gorgeous soaps, body washes, lotions and butters, shampoos and conditioners, waxes oils and balms are ready. They will soon be/ are now on line for trying and buying. All as natural and as organic as can be, you can now experience the satisfaction of, using Powerful products that won’t cause suffering or cost the earth.

Our team is driven by compassion – we work for a world less cruel, more equitable, less exploitative, more sustainable. Our business activity must reflect this, which is why we don’t and won’t do misleading “greenwashing At best it’s a dodgy practice, at worst a dangerous one. Fudging green credentials, hiding truth behind clever words and marketing is not our style

So we have been working with key organisations that share values and approach. The Soil Association, Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International are leaders of a movement that we are part of. We are proud to have won their support and our products their approval. They have checked out that what we say on tin and bottle is what we do.

If you’re just curious or maybe excited, why not head over to our Powerful shop claim your discount and get a free entry into our prize draw and a chance to win a selection of Powerful organic products.

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